Pennsylvania A3P Attends Forum on Illegal Immigration
Activists from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Third Position and Regional Correspondent Charles Dickenson were in attendance with hundreds of other local patriots at a forum on illegal immigration in Leesport, PA this weekend.

A3P Networks at Campaign for Liberty Training Forum
A3P activists have attended a “Complete Grass Training” program presented by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty (C4L) organization in the New York Metro area, reports organizer and New Jersey state Chairman Alex Carmichael.

Newly Formed South Carolina Chapter of A3P Gets Active
The newly formed South Carolina Chapter of the American Third Position has attended a rally in Columbia, reports A3P organizer Renee Marshall.

Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Continues in Texas
Republicans and Democrats have agreed to work hand in hand to redraw congressional districts in Texas, following the release of Census 2010 data that reveals the extent to which their plan to ethnically purify Texas has worked.

Neocon: GOP’s Best Bet is to Lose in 2012
That’s what Noemie Emery says. She’s a columnist for the Washington Examiner (one of the real columnists, not one of those who wrote in and said “hey let me cover the Schenectady UFO scene”). She’s also a contributing editor of The Weekly Standard, the second most popular neocon magazine in America. So why does Noemie believe it’s in the best interests of Republicans for their presidential candidate to lose in 2012?

Chairman’s Message: CPAC
Earlier this month (February 2011), I attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservative leaders and supporters. The event, held in Washington DC, had more than 11,000 attendees for each of its three days. While there , I had some interesting interactions, some of which I relate below.

A3P Members Spread Nationalist Message in New Castle, Pa
A team of West Virginia activists has linked up with A3P members in New Castle, Pennsylvania, for a day of activism, reports organizer Harry Bertram.